Fluxion Solutions is an entrepreneurship focused on developing sustainable solutions for our clients projects in the energy, renewable energy, Industrial, Infrastructure, Recycling, Agro industrial, and Real Estate Sectors. Our experience vary from technical to financial projects.

Company Overview

Established in 2010 Fluxion Solutions is a project management and engineering company focused on sustainable solutions for investments and projects.

Our unique approach to sustainable development through orientation to develop innovative and creative solutions have been proven for private investors as well as for the public sector in matters of time, value and sustainability.


Sustainable engineering, project management through technical due diligence for bank ability procedures, project management and project finance as well as real estate development, industrial management, infrastructure and agriculture projects.

Project development and management of assets for private investors and the public sector, consulting for project finance and corporate finance for energy and renewable energy projects as wind farms, photovoltaic parks and hydro power plants as well as agriculture projects, sustainable Infrastructure and water supply engineering along sustainable real estate development and industrial management.