About us

Fluxion was Isaac Newton's term for the derivative of a fluent, or a continuous function.

Fluxion Solutions is an entrepreneurship initialized in 2010 with the target of investing in new markets for sustainable development in the industrial, renewable energy, conventional energy, infrastructure, agriculture and the real estate sectors.

Renewable Energy

Natural resources are our best chance for a sustainable development based on technology for our future generations. Renewable energies are the only resources of the future

Industrial Engineering and Managament

Rethinking industrial processes, fluxes and developments with a community based sustainable of the life span of the project and high technology performances in mind. From raw materials exploration all the way up stream to product manufacturing down streams and logistic management

Project Finance and M&A

Financial Engineering, Project finance and project finance non recourse as well as merges and acquisitions in the energy, renewable energy, industrial, agriculture and real estate sectors,Concept through development and implementation to operation with a sustainable approach


Andrei Grunberg
Andrei Grunberg
Chief executive officer
“In order to see one, you need to be one.”
Mihai Rarinca
Mihai Rarinca
Chief technology officer
“Say something… or… not.”
Vali Tronaru
Vali Tronaru
Chief marketing officer
"If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough."